Jim Sced
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Over our 20 year history, TRG has grown from a small benefits practice into one of the largest, fully independent, benefits advisory firms in Canada. We are proud of our achievements, and we are passionate about building trusted relationships with our customers and suppliers, and developing innovative programs that make good business sense.

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Our story began in 1972, when Jim Sced, the founding Chairman of TRG, established a small benefits practice within The Rogers Group Financial, a Vancouver-based wealth management firm. At a time when many advisors were contracted with a single insurer, Jim and his colleagues were inspired to build a different model to serve the industry – one of independence and deep customer focus. It was this notion that led to the development of our unique advisor-owned consulting model – a first in Western Canada.

Now, that entrepreneurial attitude has fueled our growth into one of Canada’s leading employee benefits advisory firms. Our team of over 16 advisors are some of the most sought-after minds in the benefits community, and they are supported by a team of over 25 top-quality service professionals. Today, from our office in beautiful downtown Vancouver, we continue to lead the way in managing and delivering progressive, sustainable group benefits.


Passion. Drive. Dedication. Our team has very diverse backgrounds. However, it is these common qualities that truly define who we are—personally and professionally. These same qualities also fuel our commitment to make an impact on the world around us. To that end, many of our advisors are accomplished athletes, board members, industry advocates and published authors. We are passionate about sharing our ideas across the industry, which is why we are frequently invited to speak at symposiums, conferences, and summits on the topic of employee benefits.

We put passion, drive and dedication into everything we do because we believe in making an impact—in both our clients’ businesses, and the industry as a whole. This is precisely the source of inspiration for our annual Health Symposium, where we bring subject-matter experts in all areas of health and wellness to share innovative thinking and best practices.

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"When we started TRG, we had a simple, singular purpose: to build a reputation around how we work with our clients, service providers and our own employees to deliver sought-after expertise and advice in the employee benefits and pension industry."
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Jim Sced
Past Chairman
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TRG is also passionate about making positive contributions in our own communities. Many of us donate significant time and financial resources in support of many community initiatives. We are particularly committed to supporting Canada’s youth—helping those challenged by circumstances beyond their control, and encouraging the pursuit of sport, not only for the physical benefits, but for the sense of accomplishment, personal growth, and mental well-being that comes along with healthy activity and sport.

TRG proudly supports the following organizations:

TRG proudly supports

Carlo Nichini,

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TRG provided exactly what we were after, and has consistently gone to bat for us negotiating the best possible rate along with great customer service. Naturally at the beginning there are a lot of questions and potential issues with change. TRG was always available and supportive through our transition from our previous provider.”

Ron Glave
HR and Safety Manager
Vic Van Isle Group

Client since 2014

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Peter Moffat and Nicola Wieler,

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Our Advisor team is comprised of some of the most experienced, well-respected group benefits professionals in the industry. Together, we offer the level of expertise, support and care that is unmatched in the group benefits industry.

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