What are the Most Effective Methods to Communicate the Benefit Plan to Employees?

Jun 24, 2015

Every organization is unique. Every employer’s goals and values are different as is the employee make-up within that organization. When communicating the benefits program, it is important to develop a communication strategy that is aligned with the employer’s corporate culture and the demographics of the employees.

If you want to know what the best way to communicate to your employees is, we recommend asking them. A user friendly survey is a great place to start to get a better understanding on how they would like to receive information pertaining to their benefits program.

A few suggested methods to communicate the benefits program include the following:

  • Employee Presentations – One of the more effective ways to connect with the employees is through face-to-face connection by doing an employee presentation. The presentation content must be relevant and easy to understand so that the employees can retain the information. When preparing the presentation slides, keep in mind that many of the employees are visual learners which mean fewer words and more pictures.
  • Video Blogs – Technology is becoming more prevalent in how people interact with each other. Video blogs are playing a bigger role than ever in employee communication strategies with short, entertaining and information packed videos.
  • Monthly Bulletins – A more traditional approach to communicating the benefits program is through monthly bulletins that can be on various topics relating to the health benefits program. These topics could be on drug management, health & wellness or mental illness.

At the end of the day, when communicating to the employees, keep it fun, personalize the content and make sure the communication method is in keeping with your organization’s culture.

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