The Benefits of an EAP

Mar 18, 2016

Many employers are aware of Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) but few really understand the benefits that their organizations can reap from them.  The main purpose of these programs  is to provide a
counseling outlet (most benefit plans do not include coverage for counselors, only for psychologists) for employees in a crisis situation.  These plans, more than any other benefit, recognize the human element of organizations.  When employees are dealing with personal issues, their employer can show their benevolence by offering this service.

From a profit perspective, an EAP will limit the amount of presentee-ism amongst the workforce.  By talking and working issues out with Masters level counselors, employees can resolve their issues,  or at least bring them to a manageable level, thus allowing them to focus on their work.  The most obvious benefit, therefore, is a more productive work force.  Other lesser known services offered by many EAPs include financial and legal advice.

One of the most overlooked aspects of EAPs is the fact that organizations can utilize an EAP to help train their managers in areas ranging from dealing with HR issues , conflict resolution  and crisis management.  This type of training can galvanize an organization’s management and help ensure a uniform application of their internal policies.

Finally, EAPs can also be employed as crisis management teams.  In a situation where a critical accident or event affects the greater employee population, a crisis management team from the EAP provider can be dispatched to the workplace to help the employees deal with the grief from the event.

As is evident, there are many benefits that can be derived from implementing an EAP.  Let us know if you are interested in learning more about them.

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