A Second Opinion from Best Doctors

Sep 29, 2014

A misdiagnosis of disease and the resulting therapy occurs more often than you might think. In fact, statistics show that 10-15% of patients are initially misdiagnosed and that number could be a lot higher considering many errors are never discovered (Globe & Mail, 2012).

Getting a second opinion is often the best way to mitigate the potential for misdiagnosis but how can we do that under the terms of the Canada Health Act and our provincial medical system? Best Doctors™ is one of the original providers of this service and arguably one of the best known.

Best Doctors is a coalition of more than 53,000 world-renowned medical experts that connects its members with the right specialist to provide expert guidance and care. It can help with everything from a minor surgery to a major life threatening illness, such as cancer.

This program is different from other second opinion services, in that a Best Doctors specialist will work with your own physician, gather all necessary background information and medical records, and engage a team of physicians focused in the health or medical area relevant to the patient. A registered nurse will also ensure the patient is on the right treatment path by monitoring the entire process.

Some employee benefit plans have the Best Doctors program designed right into the healthcare benefit’s rates, while some plans, depending on the insurers, have to add Best Doctors for a nominal monthly premium. In either case, good communication is necessary to help your employees understand how the program works and when to use it. It is probably one of the most misunderstood component of benefit plans.

Just facing a serious medical challenge is hard enough. Knowing that you are getting the best, and most appropriate treatment can take a lot of the worry away and help you focus on what you need to do to get better. Knowing your benefit plan and all of the features designed to help you navigate through our medical system can make the path to recovery easier.

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