Coordinating WCB & LTD

Mar 12, 2013

Every employee in BC is covered under WCB/WorkSafe BC. If an employee is injured on the job they can apply to WCB/WorkSafe BC for disability benefits at the same time they apply for either  Short Term Disability/Weekly Indemnity (if applicable), Employment Insurance (if no STD/WI is available) or Long Term Disability benefits under their group insurance policy.

Coordinating your Group LTD and Workers Compensation Board (WCB/WorkSafe BC) claims can save time & money.  As a plan administrator you should notify your Group Insurer of WCB claims to take advantage of the Waiver of Premium privilege under the group policy.

Most contracts allow for the waiver of monthly premiums for group life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment and disability benefits while an insured is receiving disability income benefits including WCB.  In order to apply your insurer must be advised within a year of the disability that the member is on claim.  The waiting period for waiver of premium can vary depending on the contract and the insurer in question, but is generally either four or six months after the date last worked.

It is most important to keep accurate records through the WCB application process as you will need to provide the necessary proof and paperwork to your insurer to apply for waiver of premium. Doing so in a timely basis can indeed save you time and money!

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