First and Second Opinion and Treatment Plan Services

Jun 23, 2014

One disease, long life; no disease, short life.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb

Some things in life are better to know than not knowing. This is especially true when it comes to the diagnosis of a serious illness. As unimaginable as it sounds, we are likely better to be diagnosed with a serious illness, than to be misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. In fact, The Institute of Medicine estimated that medical errors resulted in between 44,000 and 98,000 preventable deaths in the U.S in the year 2000. And with 40% of Canadians expected to develop cancer in their lifetime, it’s not surprising that errors in diagnosis can and do happen.

Fortunately, there are services now available to Canadians to help minimize medical errors. Now, in Canada you can get have to access to the following:

  • Assistance in getting an initial diagnosis (In Canada, getting a diagnosis is often a time-consuming and difficult ordeal.)
  • Assistance in getting a second opinion on that diagnosis
  • Receive confirmation of your proposed treatment plan, or be provided with a better one

The companies providing the first and second opinion and treatment plan services collaborate and partner with well-known and prestigious healthcare organizations, such as Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins Medicine, and the Mayo Clinic.

The process usually starts by providing all the medical information to one of these renowned health organizations. From there, they will provide a full medial file review and they may even order up diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT, PET scans. Some organizations will also even provide the actual treatment and surgical services, if required.

The entire process is intended to provide assurance and confidence that an accurate diagnosis has been provided and the most appropriate treatment plan has been recommended. It’s always better to know about medical issues, and then deal with them head on to improve on outcomes by ensuring you are getting the best possible medical care.

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