Do we do pension?

Nov 25, 2011

We are always surprised when someone asks whether we do pension – in reference to whether or not we can help develop and monitor retirement plans for clients. Especially considering that the word “pensions” is included in our company name! Of course we do pension plans! In fact, employer sponsored retirement plans have been an integral part of our business practice for many years.

To further enhance our retirement practice and our value proposition, we recently attracted Larry Antonation to our firm to lead our retirement savings practice. Larry is a recognized expert in the pension industry and brings 35 years of experience and knowledge with him to our firm. He leads our team of associates who help clients of all sizes with their employee retirement needs whether that calls for a group RRSP, a defined contribution or defined benefit pension plan and also increasingly popular individual pension plan.

Just like our health and benefits practice, we actually do more than put plans in place and letting nature take its course. Our service model includes monitoring plan governance and stewardship, a constant evaluation of fees, focused investment consulting, and designing client specific strategies for better member communication and education. We are big believers that retirement workshops, lunch and learns, and employee information meetings are vital in ensuring a successful plan.

The question should not be “do we do pensions?” Instead, it should be “why are we not using TRG?” We can assure you, that not only do we do pensions, but we do them really well. Pensions and group RRSP’s are an important part of your compensation strategy to help attract and retain great employees. Our expertise can help you increase the value of your program and help your employees’ maximize their retirement income.

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