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What makes us unique? We have a singular focus: employee benefits and retirement programs. That’s all we do.

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Greg Pallone


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We create sustainable benefits and retirement plans with the clarity, vision and value you expect from industry-leading advisors. Our passionate team, depth of experience, and proprietary Benefits Optimization System™ are what help us deliver the best outcome for every client, every time.

Most companies know the price of their benefits plan, but few consider its cost. While a great plan can improve the health, productivity and success of a workplace, a poor one can waste valuable time, money, and resources.

  • Does your benefits plan make a powerful and positive impact on the health of its members?
  • Is it specifically designed to address the needs of your organization, its people, and its culture?
  • Is it meaningful, strategic and sustainable?
  • Does it strike the perfect balance of fiscal and social responsibility?
  • Do you know where the outlay is headed, and why?

We’ve built our business helping our customers answer these questions, and using those answers to build sustainable, thoughtful and strategic benefits plans that manage costs and improve results. We call it the TRG Benefits Optimization System™ and let us put it to work for you.

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“If TRG is going to be of any value to your company, we need to either increase your revenue, decrease your cost, or reduce your risk.”
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Jim Sced
Past Chairman
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We use a four-step process that guides us in learning what we need to know, and drives our advice and recommendations. We call it the Benefits Optimization Process™— our approach for creating customized, focused outcomes.

As counterintuitive as it might sound, our approach is problem focused. We spend most of our time helping you articulate the vision for your benefits program, identify what got you to your current state, and uncover the gaps or problems that are holding you back. But we don’t stop there. What values drive our clients to achieve their strategic vision of their benefits and compensation policies? Understanding what motivates our clients—or their WHY—is a fundamental part of what we do.  

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    Everything starts here. There is no solution without all parties being crystal clear on what the problem is. Where the traditional approach focuses on numbers, we go deeper - uncovering WHAT you want and WHY you want it. Many organizations don’t look at benefits this way. Our process paves the way for good conversation on your WHY. This is the most important part of how we do what we do.

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    With better clarity on your vision and goals (your WHAT), and your motivations (your WHY), we create a roadmap to define the steps you can take to get there.

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    With detailed tactical and strategic action plans, we manage and execute on your project calendar.

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    As projects are completed, your progress evolves and your future shifts and strategies may have to be updated. Management is about closing gaps between where you are and where you want to be. It's also about revisiting and redrawing the plan frequently.

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Malcolm Wallace,

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Our Advisor team is comprised of some of the most experienced, well-respected group benefits professionals in the industry. Together, we offer the level of expertise, support and care that is unmatched in the group benefits industry.

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Employee benefits are complex, and finding the right plan for your organization requires you to look at your benefits plan in an entirely different way. We take the time to get it right, learning all we can about your situation so we can implement thoughtful, focused, well-communicated plans that work. Our methodical process will ensure we stay on the right path, powered by a strategy you believe in. The result is a program that is uniquely tuned to your organization, supportive of your overall business strategy, valued by your people, and that makes good business sense.


Clients view us as their advocate, and it’s a role we take very seriously. As seasoned experts, we simplify the complexity and take the guesswork out of benefits. We work tirelessly to earn your trust, and we bring transparency, honesty and clarity to everything we do.

Queenie, Caryn, Rob and Nicola

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We were interviewing benefits consultants and had Patrick Burkart slated as the last to present. After spending 1.5 hours together, we were convinced he and TRG would be best suited. We learned more in that hour and a half from Patrick than we had known collectively about benefits prior to our meeting. It was a truly enlightening experience.”

Linda Lucas
Chief Operating Officer
Roper Greyell LLP

Client since September 2015

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