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We believe the primary purpose of a benefits plan is make a strong employer value proposition statement while positively impacting the health and wellness of your employees and their families.
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While it is easy to focus solely on price, it is proactive solutions, forward-thinking advice and intelligent spending that will lead to better control over claims, and a knowledge-based, transformative and sustainable benefits plan.

Our advisors combine their extensive experience, knowledge and passion for the industry with our proven Benefits Optimization System™ to design individualized, targeted benefits and retirement plans.

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  • Save time, money and provide a solid investment
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  • Increase employee engagement and retention
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  • Positively impact the health and productivity of your team
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  • Help lower absenteeism
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  • Make you more competitive and attract and retain more talent
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  • Be a powerful part of your culture and reflect your organization’s vision, values and goals
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  • Provide a sustainable, controllable framework for the future
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Our advisors are some of the most respected in the industry, and we share a passion for building honest, collaborative relationships with our clients. That’s why each advisor is not only a member of the team, they’re an owner. Our independence ensures that every action taken, every piece of advice given, comes with our clients' best interests in mind. We are a firm that is powered by its people, and we foster a culture of cooperation and community, where the individual success of every plan sponsor and member contributes to the success of us all. 


As your advocate in the world of group benefits and retirement plans, you can count on your advisor to deliver…

  • Trusted advice and customized, innovative strategies
  • Newfound clarity, vision and value for your benefits plan
  • A focus on communication, education and transparency
  • A service team who keeps things moving by delivering best in class customer service
  • A detailed, actionable plan designed with your best interests in mind

Brent Delveaux,

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TRG personally visited our insurance carrier’s head office to advocate on our behalf to make an exception on our policy and have this employee retroactively added back on the plan so that he would receive life insurance and health coverage. ”

Janis Ryder
Executive Director of HR
Trinity Western University

Client since 2009

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Derek Steger,

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Our Advisor team is comprised of some of the most experienced, well-respected group benefits professionals in the industry. Together, we offer the level of expertise, support and care that is unmatched in the group benefits industry.

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